Burlap Fabric Curtains

Burlap is a fabric which is mainly made of jute, flax and cotton fibres. This fabric is mostly made in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It is a cheap, eco- friendly material which is so strong that it doesn’t tear off easily like other curtain materials. They are a reliable  and versatile alternative to most of the other expensive curtain materials.

Burlap curtains are made of loosely woven natural fibres like jute, flax, cotton and  hemp fibers. They  are strong and don’t tear off easily and is hardier.

Burlap curtains are a durable and cost effective alternative to most of the expensive curtain fabrics that are available in the market.

These days creative DIY and home decor enthusiasts want to bring some change in traditional perceptions about home decoration and as a result explore naturally beautiful materials for their homes.

Burlap also gives a unique look for the decor of your home. It gives informality to a traditional interior,adds texture to a modern room and can really enhance a rustic interior.

Burlap fabric curtains are a great option for bringing about that change in the decor of your home.

Advantages of Burlap Fabric Curtains

Burlap fabric curtains has several advantages.

Temperature Insulation

First of all they are good temperature insulators. You can comfortably sit inside your room even if it’s extreme hot or cool weather outside. The temperature doesn’t affect the room at all if burlap fabric curtains are installed in it.

Balanced Light Control

It is a great choice if you don’t want to block all the exterior light as  it will allow some light to enter your room without causing any hindrance to your privacy. Burlap fabric curtains are one of the best fabrics that can balance light control, insulation and breeze blockage at the same time.

A Range Of Shades

Burlap fabric curtains are available in a variety of shades so that you don’t have to worry about the sack like appearance dull beige if that isnt your preference. This material is available in so many natural hues allowing it to be creatively versatile.

Deodorising Effect

Due to its earthy odor, burlap fabrics are also sometimes gives a deodorising effect for the room.

Disadvantages of Burlap Curtains

Although the above virtues of this fantastic material are many, there are certain drawbacks too for burlap as a curtain material.

  • Due to it’s loose weaving, there is a tendency for it to stretch after sometime.
  • The fabric can also easily fade if it’s exposed directly to the sun.
  • It can also brittle if there is excess humidity.

However there are certain treatments for the burlap fabric these days, which provide solutions for most of these problems. A good burlap fabric retailer would have treated the material, if not sure, just ask!

Types Of Burlap Curtains

There are  two different varieties of burlap curtains, lined burlaps and non lined burlaps.

Lined Burlap Curtain

Lined Burlap curtains are  mostly hand sewn. You can line burlap material with regular drapery liner to  make it more visually attractive. Burlap curtains are often lined with cotton for better sun protection as well as for increased privacy. Some curtains are lined with grommet top also.

Lining Tip:  Line the burlap curtain material with contrasting colours based on your choice to create a stark contrast that accents their rustic appeal.

Lined Burlap curtains are perfect for any room setting.

What Burlap Fabric Curtains Should You Buy?

Burlap mostly comes in solid colors, however  it is possible to find burlap fabric in striped patterns. The cost of  a burlap fabric is usually in the range from around $1 a yard to $8 a yard for more tightly woven, linen-look burlap.

Here are some of our top tips for buying burlap curtains:

  • It will be better if you choose darker shades of burlap fabric for a medium light control and insulation.
  • You can also use dark color shades of burlap drapes for blocking unwanted light.
  • There are both tightly weaved as well as loosely weaved patterns of burlap fabric curtains.
  • Tip: Before buying a burlap fabric, you should measure the length and width of the area where you want to hang your curtains.

The featured image is from this amazing burlap curtain. http://amzn.to/2gfIR3t


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