Simple Recycling Uses of a Burlap Sack

Burlap sacks are the primary containers of most farm produce like potatoes and coffee beans. This is because they are categorized as “food grade” containers, or those that are safe and non-hazardous and will be used with products that are going to be made into food.

As you may or may not know, burlap sacks are used in a variety of different ways. For example, in some farm areas, burlap sacks are used to store natural fertilizers. And by natural fertilizers, we mean animal waste. This demonstrates why burlap sacks are such a versatile option for carrying items other than just food products.

Another reason why burlap sacks are best for carrying harvested products is because they are gentle. They are made from Jute, (also see: what is burlap) a special type of woven fabric that is soft just enough to not damage whatever the sacks contain. And although they are gentle, they are also undeniably very durable. And no matter how heavy their load is, they never disintegrate.

Burlap Sacks and Uses

But aside from their reliability being proven in the farming and food-making industries, did you know that burlap sacks can be used in many ways?

Indeed, if you happen to shop a lot, then you have likely come across products made from burlap. Thanks to its durable yet gentle properties, burlap is now the leading among materials made into tote bags. These burlap bags are a big hit all over the world, too.

Not only that, as they are also made into household items. Burlap is made into curtains, roof insulation, car covers, outdoor furniture covers, lamp covers, designs and displays, and even leisure items such as hammocks.

The fact that burlap sacks are mostly recycled, appeals to a lot of people.

Aside from their reliability, burlap sacks and storage bags have also received a lot of praises for being eco-friendly and fashionable at the same time. Did you know that the burlap fabric is guaranteed to be safe for the environment?

If you use products made from a burlap sack, you will not only be setting a fashion trend amongst your friends, but you would also be saving the environment.

Burlap Sacks – More Ways to Make Use of Burlap Fabric

And just like we explained, burlap sacks are food grade containers. So when you happen to get a sack to use at home and you suddenly can’t find a place to store your food supplies, then burlap sacks are a good option, provided that they are clean.

You will find that there are many ways that you can actually use burlap sacks. All you have to do is use your imagination and your creative instincts.

By using burlap sacks in your every day life, you can become a part of the community that is saving our environment.

And they are a great way to use burlap sacks you may have lying around. Instead of throwing away used burlap sack storage bags that are used to store farm products like coffee and potatoes, they are used for amusement purposes. But that’s not all of it.

Use A Burlap Sack To Get Fit

Did you know that you can use a burlap sack as a part of your personal workout routine as well? Yes, the only thing your need is one burlap sack and your ready to start burning the calories. Simply fill up with sand and use it for sand bag training! See this guide on how to.

Burlap Sacks used as Insulation

Image Source
Image Source

But aside from the fun and exercise benefits that you can get from a burlap sack, you can also use it for your home. Did you know that the material in a typical burlap sack has every property required to give you superb insulation benefits?

Yes, you could even replace your roof insulation with used burlap sacks. Or better yet, add your sacks to your present insulation and double the efficiency. If your roof happens to be quite efficient already, then channel the insulating benefits of a burlap sack to other areas of your home.

Or protect your outdoor plants from the cold!

Burlap Car Cover Seats?

burlap bag car seats

Looking for that super cool look? You can turn a couple of burlap sacks into a car cover. The durability you get from these sacks are far greater in providing protection than most cheap car covers.

Burlap Patio Furniture Covering

If you don’t have a car, then perhaps you can just turn your used burlap sacks into patio furniture covering. Compared to the typical vinyl cloth used in furniture covers, burlap is far thicker and more resistant to outdoor damage. Not to mention, a burlap sack is cheaper. (Only one downside – burlap isnt waterproof. Although if you really want, you can make burlap weather proof.

Indoor Burlap Sack Uses

As a matter of fact, there are many ways that you can reuse your burlap sacks. here are a few.


If simplicity is your thing, perhaps you can just use your burlap sack storage bags indoors.

Make a Curtain!

One good example would be to turn them into burlap curtains. Again, the protective properties of burlap fabric would be something that you would like to use for your windows. On days when the sun seems to be too strong or when the night happens to be extremely chilly, curtains made from a burlap sack can give you the comfort you need.


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